Project proposal for health and sanitation pdf

Water and sanitation are very important for human life, for the normal existence of every small town and big city. The priority task of every government and leader of the country has always been the proper water supply and sanitation.

Without safe pure drinking water one will not be able to live well. Clean water is essential for many activities and purposes: drinking, cooking food, bathing, dish washing, drinking water for the cattle and pets, etc. Evidently, in order to achieve pure water the humanity or at least the country should reduce water pollution and use the water resources wisely. Unfortunately, the water is often wasted and not appreciated at all.

The wasted is polluted with many kinds of wastes, like domestic, industrial, agricultural, etc. All the wastes decrease the level of sanitation which affects the human life badly. The level of sanitation depends on the quality of water greatly. If there is no pure water, it is impossible to maintain sanitation, because most often dirty water is the source of bacteria and epidemics.

No wonder, in overpopulated areas the polluted rivers and lakes cause diseases and epidemics, but people have no choice and continue consuming the dirty water and fall ill. Sanitation is maintained with the help of proper sewerage systems, filters and technologies which clean the water before pouring it back into the rivers and seas. Sanitation and proper water supply are the most essential factors of normal life for people and these two factors are interconnected.

A clean city with high quality sewerage and strict pollution control is a good environment for the normal life. The high standards of food and environment sanitation protect people from dangerous diseases which are transmitted with dirty water and pollutants, so it is important to maintain hygienic means for the safety of our life. A student who wants to complete a water and sanitation research proposal will have to be prepared to know more about the topic than it is expected.

project proposal for health and sanitation pdf

The topic is quite interesting and much can be told about it, so a student will need to improve his knowledge of the problem of sanitation considerably.

One should be able to brainstorm several totally new ideas and methods which can help people maintain sanitation and improve the quality of water. The main task of a research proposal is its persuasive aspect, which is achieved through the special techniques. One should take advantage of a free example research proposal on water and sanitation by an experienced writer who knows everything about the problem.

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Perspectives are like filters: they compile and structure the information that relate to a given focus theme, region or context. This allows you to quickly navigate to the content of your particular interest while promoting the holistic understanding of sustainable sanitation and water management.

A proposal is a request for financial assistance to implement a project. The proposal outlines the plan of the implementing organisation about the project, giving extensive information about the intention, for implementing it, the ways to manage it and the results to be delivered from it FUNDS FOR NGOS The following guidelines are designed to help you prepare your full proposal.

How well you plan the action is critical to the success of the project. A project proposal is a detailed description of a series of activities aimed at solving a certain problem NEBIU Designing a project is a process consisting of two elements, which are equally important and thus essential to forming a solid project proposal:.

The project proposal should be a detailed and directed manifestation of the project design. It is a means of presenting the project to the outside world in a format that is immediately recognised and accepted. Proposals are prepared to apply for external funds for the implementation of a project. Most grant applications ask for the same information, but they often have different formats.

Some will have a list of questions. The document provides detailed instruction and tools in producing sound project design and as well as guidance on ways to excel in proposal writing.

This guide will lead trainers through project proposal writing sessions and exercises. The materials are primarily targeted at local government officials, but are considered equally useful for individuals and organisations that work with local governments in the management of water resources.

This is the third in a series of guidelines prepared by REPOA in order to help researchers prepare improved proposals for research. The purpose of this manual is to create a new synergy by bringing together project management practices and socio-economic and gender issues within the conceptual framework of SEAGA.

The manual is principally written for practitioners at the operational level in government, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations and the private sector. It presents a set of case studies for the planning of a project. The subject of this short course is proposal writing.

Funds forNGOs. This website contains a collection of training material intended to assist practitioners in helping low-income communities to overcome poverty, emphasizing methods and principles, not theory. One of the modules deals with the community project resources, including project proposals. Get the latest updates on trainings, new articles or perspectives related to SSWM delivered directly to your inbox!Post a Comment. See full list of Project Topics under your Department Here!

A hypothesis is a description of a pattern in nature or an explanation about some real-world phenomenon that can be tested through observ No comments. The purpose of the study was to review the relevant literature of sanitation and hygiene regarding women in poor urban centres and explore ways on empowering women on sanitation and hygiene. The aim of the study was to describe the typical concerns for women regarding sanitation and hygiene in Kibera as well as providing women with practical suggestions to improve Hygiene and Sanitation in slums.

Sample Proposal on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Situations

The data collection method involved reviewing relevant literature which consisted research materials from poor urban centres and developing countries. In addition, United Nations publications and educational books for research were referred to. The findings suggest that there are seven sanitation and hygiene concerns that women experience: Toileting, water, poverty, problems caused by poor sanitation, communicable diseases, insecurity and gender inequality.

Nurses need to promote hygiene and sanitation practices by advocating, educating, campaigning and participating in designing community projects that affect sanitation and hygiene.

Furthermore, nurses need to work within communities, churches, and schools. As a conclusion, the findings of this study give idea on designing a poster for the community health care nurses who are working with women living in under privileged environments. Empirical study articles used in the study. Literature review articles used in the study. The paper intends to find significant conclusions and make recommendations based on scientific information and ethically accepted data.

UNDP, Kibera is not the only slum dealing with sanitation and hygiene problems, many developing cities are also facing the challenge. Widespread of sanitation and hygiene problems are a result of poor political leadership, mismanagement of resources and poverty. Many first world or underdeveloped countries face the same challenges, although with good political leadership it is possible to overcome the problems.

Poor political leadership and corruption has led to poverty, widespread diseases and war. African leaders should be encouraged to meet the needs of citizens instead of being self -centred about wealth and power. By doing this, the poor population will be able to access basic needs such as food, education, water, shelter and medical care with less difficulties.

project proposal for health and sanitation pdf

Dickens in quoted that Charity begins at home. This means good hygiene and sanitation must start at the grass roots level. The purpose of this study is to review relevant literature on sanitation and hygiene of women in poor urban centres and to describe how nurses can help women by giving them suggestions on how to improve sanitation and hygiene.

Finally, we will design a poster for community health care nurses working with women living in under privileged environments. Kibera lies at an altitude of 1, meters above sea level, latitude 36 degrees, 50 degrees east and longitude 1 degree, 17 degrees south about km south of equator. The emergence of Kibera as an informal settlement is connected with the phenomenal growth of the city of Nairobi.

Kibera slums, the largest informal settlement in Africa, is situated 5 kilometres south of Nairobi City centre which is the capital city of Kenya. Kibera is divided into nine official villages, with each village having its own elder. There are no residences greater or bigger than a single storey. The average home is nine square meters which has five inhabitants per dwelling. Urban services such as water and sanitation are scarce.

Drinking water is pumped through plastic pipes alongside sewage trenches. Karanja et al. Other health care facilities in the slum include: health clinics, dispensaries, maternity homes, nursing homes, medical centres, laboratories and radiological services, dental clinics which are owned by non-governmental organisations and private individuals.

Attempts have been made to improve the healthcare system in Kibera by the Kenyan government, non-governmental institutions and the private sector.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Susan Bigyan. Funds for facility construction, and training in basic sanitation for teachers and students, will result in long- term gains in health, mental and physical energy, and children's ability to take advantage of educational opportunities.

More and more systems are in disrepair, and the water supply for large portions of the country, especially in rural areas, is becoming inadequate, causing many people to use alternative and unsafe water sources such as canals. Many communities' capacity to maintain and improve water and sanitation facilities remains poor due to the excessive reliance on centralized maintenance encouraged by the former system.

Traditionally, health and hygiene education in schools focused on covering theory and memorization of facts from the official school curriculum, rather than on strengthening hygiene practices. The Government provided formal, culturally non-specific education that failed to generate interest, particularly in remote rural areas. Over the past ten years, this topic in schools has been largely disregarded.

On the other hand, because of the water shortages and infrastructure problems mentioned above, many schools are spending time and energy just to collect water for daily survival.

10+ NGO Project Proposal Templates – PDF, DOC

Many International Organizations and NGOs helped to the safe water supply and basic sanitation in many schools remains poor. Large numbers of rural schools and health centres lack access to sanitary facilities like latrines and hand washing facilities. Even before the earthquake, environmental sanitation in rural areas was not a priority. Pit latrines are the commonly used sanitation facility. Poor maintenance of these facilities, especially at public places as schools and health centres has resulted in unacceptable hygienic conditions.

Under these conditions, schools become unsafe places where diseases are transmitted.

Project Proposal Writing

These and other diseases, often sanitation related, obviously contribute to absenteeism, but there is a more hidden aspect: Poor health of children affects their ability to learn and therefore influences their perspective in life. Good health at school is essential for now and an investment for the future. Schools can stimulate and support positive behavioral change in children. What they learn at school is likely to be passed on their own children.

Methods of implementation Life-Skills Development: 1. Which implies that part of the staff will be trained, passing the knowledge on to other colleagues, school children and indirectly the parents. A Healthy School Environment For each school, a joint assessment on the existing water and sanitation conditions will be made with the school director and teachers, as well as, with the school children, primary health care staff and representatives of the Parents and Teachers Associations. The programme provides construction materials and supervision of construction.

For the operation and maintenance of the facilities, mechanisms will be developed for the purchasing of materials need for minor repairs, soap, towels, etc. Outreach to Families and Communities In all stages of the implementation of the programme, parents and teachers associations will be involved. To strengthen the activities in the schools, simultaneously a public awareness campaign on sanitation and hygiene will be implemented at the district level.

This will allow them to monitor the health impact of the programme, as well as, will quickly show the need for corrective measures, if considered necessary. Frequency of meetings: every two months. The design and construction of facilities in each school will take a total of 1 year.

The educational activities are an ongoing process simultaneously to the construction phase. The programme will support the educational part, for a period of 1 year, after which it should be self-sustained. Once the programme has been implemented, the "implementation and monitoring committees" in each school will be transformed into "monitoring committees".Non-government organizations pull off one activity after the other and have several projects on their table.

They are not part of any government firm, and they do things their way. They have a lot of causes to support as well. To be able to do that, they need to write a proposal for their projects so it can get the funding it needs.

It should be brief, concise and convincing enough for money to be spent on. What is an NGO project proposal? Writing proposals is one of the most important aspects for any organization, including the nonprofits.

Proposals are important for any organization, as they decide the success or failure of any organization. A project proposal is a document that presents the process of solving a certain issue. What is the importance of a Project Proposal?

A proposal is not a promise or a commitment, but if it is accepted by the other party, then all the roles and responsibilities must be fulfilled. It helps in establishing all the terms and conditions that are to be followed, accepted and taken care of by the parties of the proposal. How does an NGO work? Nonprofit organizations are organized in a local, national and also, on the international levels to serve social purposes.

NGOs rely on a variety of sources for funding projects, operations, salaries, and other costs.

project proposal for health and sanitation pdf

Individual, private and company based donors are a significant part of the NGO funding. How to write a project proposal for an NGO? The below-mentioned points can help you create the right NGO project proposal you need: Research for prospective donors Stick to a tone of writing Write a cover letter Make an executive summary Mention your goals and objectives Mention methods and how much you need List the benefits of the donor.To browse Academia.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The project was identified to be the priority for infrastructure support to socio-economic development.

One of the top most problems affecting Jombo community especially during the occurrence of floods in the Lower Shire is inadequacy of evacuation shelters. The existing facilities like tents cannot accommodate the number of families or victims within the targeted area. The other obvious challenge about living in tents when displaced is that there is limited security. The main objective of the project in the long term is to address the impacts of flooding through the construction of community based evacuation centre.

The evacuation centre will have one evacuation shelter, 1 kitchen, four pit latrines, four bathrooms and one open ground area. The project will promote education standards, ensure sanitation and protection issues are encouraged, and promote youth development through sports.

The project will target 8, people. With the project, the displaced flood victims as well as the entire community will definitely be transformed directly and indirectly considering the benefits that it would create such as improvement on accessibility on basic services temporary shelter, health, nutrition, food, clothing, domestic items ; and an area or venue for different for programs and activities from the different government agencies and non-government organizations.

It operates in the area of group village headman Jombo, traditional authority Ngabu in Chikwawa. The main aim of its establishment is to give power to people to decide and participate in development activities in our area, and be able to support the vulnerable members of the society.

The organization through its members works hand in hand with the district council in implementing disaster initiatives in our area. The project will be implemented by the management team of the Tikumbukireni CBO.

The secretary will be the overall coordinator of the project Lickson Mchepa. So he is the right person for the position. He will be assisted by the chairperson Hassan Window.

The chairperson will be the supervisor for all the construction works. The treasurer Yurita Harry will be responsible for issuing of approved cheques for payments. The procurement process will be done through bids and an Internal Procurement Committee IPC in accordance with standard procurement procedures and regulations. Our policy in procurement preaches about zero corruption. The frequency of floods has been increasing over the years, resulting in loss of life, damage to property and destruction of the environment.

Malawi Post Disaster Needs Assessment Report indicates that the January rainfall was the highest on record for Malawi and constitutes a 1 in year event. The displaced people disrupted the school sessions since the class rooms were temporarily being used as the evacuation home. This contributed to some sanitation issues on the school premises and remains a challenge in the temporary shelters at the camp site. Lack of proper toilets at the camp offers privacy and security concerns to women and girls.

From these events, the Village Development committee VDC and the Community Based Organisation through participatory vulnerability assessment, identified the need to have a permanent structure that can house the displaced people during disasters, and offer privacy and security to women and girls.

Rationale The project is very important as it will build capacity of local people to prepare, mitigate and recover from floods. It helps in taking action to build safety and resilience, and reduce future hazard impacts. The project will ensure that there is continuous flow of school activities at Jombo primary school as no class room will be used as an evacuation shelter.

The project will further improve issues of sanitation among the displaced as toilets will be part of the project. With the implementation of the project, government and the donor community will serve the money for other equally important development issues as the the shelter will offer permanent home for the displaced people unlike tents which needs to be donated every year since wear out easily.

The Malawian constitution sets minimum standards for shelter and protection during emergencies. The construction of this shelter will strategically be in line with the set minimum standards.Think of a school where around kids go to study, to learn something and to get educated to have a better future.

Now imagine the situation when this school of kids has only 5—6 toilets. And it does not end here. These 5—6 toilets that this school has, have poor facility of water perhaps no water a lot of timescleanliness and hygiene.

Sadly, this is the reality for a lot of schools in rural areas in many countries. Such less than adequate toilet, sanitation and cleanliness facilities in schools make the students skip school. A similar situation is prevalent in slums in the urban areas where many people have to share one toilet, making them vulnerable to infections and diseases. Learn more. To tackle the situation a lot of work is being done by governments in their respective nations. Also, to spread awareness and help the masses, many not-for-profit organizations are also working in the same sphere by letting people have alternates to conventional toilets to lower the use of water and daily cleanliness, along with other revolutionary ideas.

If you are also one such NGO that is working to improve the quality of life of people by helping them fulfill their basic human requirement of a proper sanitation system, and are looking for effective tools to help you with your funding, we have it right for you.

Use it to draft your own application to help you proceed with your cause. If you are a Premium Member StandardSign in here to view the full proposal. Not yet a Premium Member? Sign up here. View the information you want quickly on a clean, ad-free and exclusive Member Dashboard that offers tools to search for grants, view latest grant opportunities, upcoming deadlines, sample proposals, downloadable ebooks and also organize your favourites!

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